RSAF stands for Republic of Singapore Air Force

We proudly recreate the arial acrobatics team through Microsoft's Flight Simulator X

The team was commissioned in 1973, five years after the creation of the RSAF and eight years as an independent nation. The Black Knights has its namesake of origin from the game of chess where the Knight is widely regarded as the most aggressive, flexible and maneuverable of all the chess pieces, having both the ability to breach barriers and move in nimble and strategically important directions, thus exemplifying flexibility and precision maneuverability as personified by the pilots of the team during their aerial maneuvers.

The Black Knights is also the formation insignia of Tengah Air Base, home to the RSAF's fighter aircraft and the RSAF Black Knights.

In tandem with the technological advancements and development of the RSAF, the Black Knights progressed from flying a four-ship formation of the Hawker Hunters in the 1970s to a five-ship F-5E Tiger IIs team in the 1980s.

In the 1990s, the Black Knights performed in a six-aircraft formation consisting of the locally re-engined A-4SU Super Skyhawks, utilizing it until year 2000 (refer to performances).


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